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Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charged with a Crime in Glendale?

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime in Glendale, such as burglary, cultivation or robbery, it is important to find a criminal defense attorney who has experience defending clients against a variety of crimes. Criminal defense is a complex area of law, and your case should only be entrusted to an attorney who fully understands the intricacies involved in defending someone in the California criminal system. With the help of a skilled Glendale criminal defense attorney, you can ensure your rights will be protected and the appropriate steps will be taken to maximize your chances of beating your charges.

Types of Crimes

In a criminal case, the state or federal government files charges against an individual on behalf of society. This is different from civil cases, such as personal injury claims, where a person files lawsuit against another person, typically for monetary damages.

All crimes are classified as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and then categorized again by degree. Misdemeanors are less serious offenses, such as DUI, prostitution, shoplifting, and simple drug possession and possession with intent to sell. Felonies are the more serious crimes, like kidnapping, homicide, violent crimes, and serious sex offenses, like rape, child molestation, and child pornography.

What Are the Penalties for a Crime?

The penalties for a crime will depend on many factors. First and foremost, the penalties are largely based on the crime itself. Misdemeanors are typically punishable by no more than a year in county jail and fines totaling no more than $1,000. The penalties for a felony can include anywhere from one year to life in prison and $1,000 to $250,000 in fines. Probation/parole, community service, court-ordered counseling, and driver’s license suspension are also common penalties of both misdemeanor and felony crimes.

Other factors a judge will take into consideration before sentencing include the offender’s prior criminal history, whether or not weapons were involved in the commission of the crime, whether or not the victim suffered injury or death, and whether or not children were somehow involved.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Glendale

When faced with criminal charges, you owe it to yourself to obtain the best defense representation you can find. Mr. Rosen genuinely cares about your best interests, and is prepared to do whatever he can to help you win your case!

Contact Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan C. Rosen today to learn about the dedicated and aggressive defense services offered at the firm.

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